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You will arrive from the right path from the ice/basketball rink. Turn right (East) toward the newest residence buildings, examine the boulders to the right (Fig. 8-1a) and left (below) of the tree clump in Figure 8-1.

Fig. 8-1 View SE toward the newest student residences.
Fig. 8-1a Boulders on the right side of tree clump.

Rocks on the right (Fig. 1a) of the clump of trees in front of you look fairly barren. Only the sandstone rock underneath the granitic boulders supports lichens shown below. Perhaps shading by grass helps the lichen establishment here.

Fig. 8-2 Physcia aipolia, with lobes curving downward, covered in maculae and occasional apothecial disks.

Continuing on, around the left side of the clump of spruces and toward Avilla Center is another pile of boulders, with more "saxicolous" or rock inhabiting lichens.

Fig. 8-3 Physcia adscendens, also hooded, but with much longer cilia.
Fig. 8-4 and the similar but much greyer (phaea) Phaeophyscia genus. This will appear almost black, the photograph captures reflected light.
Fig. 8-5 Lastly a small specimen of the already encountered and common Parmelia sulcata (hammered shield).
Fig. 8-6 Another image of Physcia aipolia