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Navigating the campus walk

Lichen and Tree Walk around Lakehead University Campus

Brightly coloured Xanthoria (Rusavskia) elegans, scale on left in millimeters.

Please, stop by the herbarium, borrow a hand lens, and go on a " lichen treasure hunt" to see what surprises our campus has to offer. We will guide you along a few "stops" marked as indicated on the Google Map, with explanations and most common lichens identified, but point the lens at new spots and see what other rarities you can discover! Take as much time as you want, the walk should take somewhere between 2 to 4 hours. The map may appear to be missing stops 7, 8 and 9, but these appear as you reach the South end of the campus near student residences.

Start. The Claude Garton herbarium, room 3027, Centennial Building. Park at the parking meters in Lot 5 (off Oliver Road, next to the power plant with the two large chimneys). Parking is free only after 9 PM and on weekends. Take one of the two elevators to the third floor. Based on the availability of a guide, by appointment, and a small donation to the herbarium (suggested minimum $10 per adult, children under 18 free), a guided tour can be arranged! Contact:

Follow the map and walking instructions given on the following pages, which describe specific "Stations" at which you can study lichens. Preferably, follow the numerical order of the stations. Some stations, including the Station 1 - Lindens outside entrance to Centennial Building, can have overwhelming number of species growing in a bewildering mix around and through each other. For this reason we will concentrate on the most obvious 2 or 3 organisms at each site.