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As you follow the artificially blasted out channel of the river, through the shaly area, walk to your right into the thicker bush obscuring a rock face of the shale (Fig 6-1) with interesting shade tolerant mosses and lichens.

Fig. 6-1 Exposed shale face West of the path along river.

As this is the one of the few rocky areas on campus, where crustose lichens can be found, look for the inconspicuous patches of greenish material (the lichen) covered with black apothecia. The lichen is almost embedded in the surface of the rock, which is a crust of precipitated calcareous (calcium containing) seepage (Fig. 6-2)

Fig 6-2. Crust of Sarcogyne regularis embedded in the substrate. Magnification 0.7x

Detailed pictures of this unusual lichen are below (Figs. 6-3 and 6-4).

Fig. 6-3 Sarcogyne regularis at life size (1x magnification). Long dimension (width) of the image is 36mm.

Fig. 6-4 .... and at 5x magnification. I.e. 36mm of image covers about 7mm.

Other, even less noticeable lichens and mosses are present, but would be too difficult to deal with.

Continue heading along the river, climb up the steep path to the pedestrian bridge, turn right to follow the path between residence buildings and the river below. At the end of residences, cross the paved road and parking lot G-16, past the hockey rink and onto the paved pathway to Confederation College.