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Site contains information relevant to Lakehead University students taking my courses, i.e. Cell Biology, Laboratory Biology, Alpine Plant Physiology and others. Some copyrighted materials have access restricted ONLY to registered students.

Reference letter policy. It is one of my academic duties to provide students with letters of reference. However, such letter will only be given to students who have taken a minimum of two courses from me. This is to ensure that I am reasonably familiar with your academic and laboratory performance, as well as knowing a little about your personality and interests.

    North American Alpine plant database      Under ongoing development

North American alpine plant identification scheme based on non-technical terminology and images in .pdf format. Ultimately intended for public and teaching use, but 100 species currently published for evaluation, suggestions and constructive criticism by amateur and professional botanists. The site is best viewed at 1024 x 768 resolution on computers with fast network connections. Originals of photographs are available for non-commercial and commercial use on request. Please send comments and requests to: lada.malek@lakeheadu.ca

     Images of Andean plants   New images added after each new trip to South America (i.e. infrequently).

Currently contains pictures of about 100 Andean plant species - not as detailed searchable database as the North American one above - images are in the .jpg format and are not labeled.

     Hyatt's Greenhouses

Contains information on the cultivation and testing of tried AND novel ornamental species (with emphasis on alpine plants) potentially suitable for Agricultural Zone 3. Information about the activities of our collaborating nursery perennials, fruit breeding, etc. 

    Applied Bio-molecular Science Program

Description of this challenging interdisciplinary program, and relevant links to the Lakehead University calendar.

    L.A.B.S. The homepage for the Lakehead University biology club.

        Art Gallery - my wife's art web site.